Nourish the WHOLE you.



Nourish The WHOLE You. 

Burdened But UnBowed


‘He Said To Them,    ”But Who Do {YOU} Say That I Am?”  Mathew 16:15


As Black Women we have always battled negative stereotypes that defamed our character and told twisted lies about our identity.


These assumptions shape how we are perceived and treated. Being both black and women our lives are often the perfect intersection of invisibility and vulnerability. ”Black women are the mules of the world.”-Nanny -Their Eyes Were Watching God.


We are at the same time expected to be Christ-like in our forgiveness…tirelessly sacrificing our dignity at the altar of the “greater good," or asked to put our lamp (light) under a table so it won’t hurt the eyes of those that equate a bright light to an attack on their masculinity.


Except This Bridge Called My Back –Kate Rushin

“I am sick of having to remind you to breath before you suffocate your own fool-self forget it, stretch or drown... evolve or die the bridge I must/ be is a bridge to my own power.”  Our greatest testament to living a life that glorifies GOD and our very creation, is a life were we define OURSELVES, as black women. We say who we are, vigilantly pushing out social & cultural constraints that negate our power and purpose.


Let us pray:  Almighty God, we simply thank-you for placing in us at our birth ,  everything we need to fulfill our divine assignments, we thank –you for guides /angels /ancestors and every holy being that assist us in this process. Forgive us and help us heal from ever accepting ourselves as less than perfect in your eyes, we have only to BELIEVE. Ignite in us a fire that will burn away all doubt and fear leaving only your will burning in our hearts. As the mother of humanity we are close to you, Lord. We will function in our authority; we cast down weak attacks against our humanity, our genius. Every purposeful action meant to hinder our ascension, cursed and sent back to its creator.  With ancient prayers and once hidden ways, we will bring this evil world into submission to thy will-in the name of Jesus and in honor of our ancestors.


                                   AMEN & ASE'


Sister Chenzira, Co- Creator

“I am the hell and the high water”-Papa pope